Democrats Plot to Oust Biden with Celebrity-Led Blitz Primary

The Democrats are now contemplating a “blitz primary” to push Sleepy Joe Biden out of the race. Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown professor with deep ties to the Obama and Clinton administrations, and Ted Dintersmith, a venture capitalist, are the brains behind this misguided plan.

In their utopian scheme, Biden would bow out in the next few days, with Kamala Harris backing the move. Something tells one they might need more than divine intervention to pull this rabbit out of the hat. The plan apparently needs Biden to abandon his campaign, and for what? To be hailed as a “modern-day George Washington?” In whose fantasy world does that even remotely make sense?

The idea is to have a handful of candidates emerge quickly and go through a few high-profile forums moderated by the usual liberal elites like Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, and Oprah Winfrey — because who better to discuss serious issues than a former First Lady, a pop star, and a talk show host? Now, imagine ranked-choice voting deciding the nominee just in time for the Democratic National Convention in August. One can’t help but think this is an audition for the next season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Meanwhile, over at the Biden camp, they’re not buying into this farce. Biden himself has been traveling around the country, assuring everyone that the party still wants him as the nominee. He’s not going anywhere, and he’s convinced he’s the best candidate to beat Trump in 2024. The so-called party elites might want to think twice before attempting to nudge him out; it’s no secret the base isn’t quite sold on this “blitz” idea.

Democratic Representative Ritchie Torres also thought the plan was a big mistake. He pointed out how weakening an already weak candidate is a surefire way to lose a presidential election. Maybe someone should remind the Democrats that unity was supposed to be their big selling point?

To sum it up, the Democrats’ strategy for 2024 seems more like a comedy of errors. With a fragmented party, a confused base, and a shaky candidate, it looks like they’re setting themselves up for a spectacular self-destruction. It’s like they’re writing campaign scripts straight out of a Hollywood flop.

And speaking of Hollywood, maybe having all those celebrities involved isn’t the best idea — unless they plan to entertain rather than run the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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