Biden Slams Trump, Praises Own Policies; Economy Spirals Downward

President Biden took a swipe at his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, during a speech in Philadelphia. The president didn’t hold back as he compared Trump to the infamous President Herbert Hoover, known for his disastrous handling of the Great Depression. Biden pointed out that Trump left office with fewer jobs in America than when he came in, a feat only achieved by Hoover. 

But Biden didn’t stop there. He criticized Trump for not building anything during his time in office, despite his reputation as a real estate developer. According to Biden, Trump’s policies led to jobs being shipped off to China, while Biden is bringing them back home. He also claimed that Trump put people’s pensions at risk, but with his administration’s help, they were saved. Biden made it clear that he sees the world from a different perspective than Trump, looking out for the interests of the working class in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Claymont, Delaware.

Of course, the Trump campaign didn’t take these remarks lying down. Trump’s spokesperson, Steven Cheung, fired back, reminding everyone of the booming economy and record-low unemployment achieved during Trump’s presidency. Cheung accused Biden of being the “destroyer of America’s jobs” and blamed him for runaway inflation caused by reckless big government spending. According to Cheung, Trump’s economic vision was all about lower taxes, bigger paychecks, and more jobs for Americans.

Interestingly, a recent poll conducted by CBS News/YouGov revealed that a majority of Americans aren’t too thrilled with the state of the economy. The poll found that 65% of respondents characterized the economy as “bad,” compared to only 29% who thought it was “good.” When asked about “Bidenomics,” 50% associated it with higher inflation, while 49% tied it to higher taxes. These numbers seem to support Cheung’s criticisms of Biden’s economic policies.

It’s clear that Biden is trying to distance himself from the economic record of his predecessor and paint himself as a champion for American workers. However, the reality on the ground seems to be at odds with his rhetoric. The economy is struggling, and Americans are feeling the pinch. It remains to be seen if Biden’s promises of a strong economy will materialize or if we’ll be left with more empty words and broken dreams.

Written by Staff Reports

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