Biden Snubs Black Girl at Rally, Ignites Social Media Backlash; Trump Gains Black Voter Support

Joe Biden’s latest rally blunder has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The Commander-in-Chief, renowned for his frequent gaffes, managed to draw the ire of many after seemingly ignoring a young black girl in the crowd while going out of his way to embrace a white woman. For the President, who claims to be a champion of diversity and inclusion, this incident was everything but.

Social media exploded, with critics quick to highlight the glaring double standards. Just imagine the media meltdown if former President Donald Trump had committed such a faux pas. Twitter users were quick to point out that, under similar circumstances, Trump would have faced a relentless barrage of outrage from the mainstream media. But when it’s Biden? Just crickets. Funny how that works. 


As Biden’s popularity with the black community continues to nosedive, these little moments are becoming increasingly significant. A New York Times/Siena poll recently revealed that Trump is actually winning over more than 20 percent of black voters, a historical high for a Republican candidate since the Civil Rights Act became law. In 2020, a whopping 92 percent of black voters backed Biden. Today, it’s clear they’re having second thoughts.

Just look at how Trump is faring in the battleground states. A Wall Street Journal survey showed Trump’s support among black men has soared to over 30 percent in seven critical states. This is a remarkable increase, considering the former president secured a modest five percent of Detroit’s vote in 2020. Fast forward four years, and Trump’s influence has only grown stronger in these communities.

Even faith leaders are speaking up. Pastor Lorenzo Sewell of 180 Church recently criticized both Biden and Obama for their superficial engagement with black Americans. According to Sewell, Obama never set foot in underprivileged neighborhoods, and Biden’s interactions have been limited to glitzy NAACP dinners. In stark contrast, Trump has made it a point to connect with the people directly, earning appreciation and, notably, their votes.

In light of these revelations, it’s no surprise that Trump’s traction among black voters is increasing. Biden may have the media on his side, but actions – or lack thereof – speak louder than words. With each passing day, it’s clear who is truly resonating with the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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