Media Finally Admits Biden’s Mental Decline After Years of Covering It Up

The media’s sudden realization of Joe Biden’s mental decline reeks of a bad episode of The Sopranos. It’s reminiscent of Tony Soprano trying to convince his crew that the Lupertazzi Family was behind Ralph Cifaretto’s murder, even though the audience knew Tony did the deed himself. The press, after years of covering for Biden, now acts surprised to discover the man’s cognitive state akin to a rundown jalopy sputtering along Washington’s elite highways.

The same so-called champions of truth at CNN, who spent the last few years dismissing any footage of Biden’s befuddlement as deepfake trash, are now rediscovering the wheel. And what a shock it is! If one is a Democrat, the rage should be palpable. It’s like being sold a sleek, functional Tesla only to find out it’s a lemon that barely holds a charge. The Biden administration and media had an alliance thicker than thieves, and now the Democrats are left with the bill.

“Whoever did this” might be Tony’s go-to line, but for Biden and his media cohort, the blame lies squarely on their shoulders. The media and the White House erected more barriers around the President’s health than the shields on the Independence Day alien ships. The more straightforward reasoning, of course, is that destroying a Democrat presidency was never on their agenda. Instead, they choreographed Biden’s every move as though he were an extra in a high school play. It was a script tighter than a drum, featuring pre-approved questions for every so-called interview, which made Biden’s presidency less West Wing and more Sesame Street.

Radio hosts interviewing Biden got their questions directly from the White House. Not just a few hints here or there—full-on scripts. This orchestrated smokescreen ensured that Biden faced fewer surprises than a toddler’s bedtime story. Hosts like Andrea Lawful-Sanders from WURD in Philadelphia and Earl Ingram from Milwaukee admitted they received and approved questions beforehand. The charade was known in inner circles, but when the script is unveiled to the public, the outcry suddenly stirs the media from its slumber.

ABC’s Jon Karl appeared flabbergasted over the weekend at CNN’s revelation of these screening practices. His astonished reaction is laughable. It’s as if he lived under a rock for the past few years, wearing blinders labeled ‘Do Not Disturb – Democrat at Work’. Those at the media helm were not unsuspecting dupes; they were complicit in this farce, creating an echo chamber almost as fortified as those protecting Biden’s fragile ego.

The real shock for reporters like Karl isn’t the revelation itself but that the cover-up blew apart quicker than an ill-fated submersible. The national media’s staggering failure just confirms what the rest of America already knew: they’ve been quietly fabricating a narrative while their silence served as an accomplice to one of the longest-running political deceptions in recent memory.

Written by Staff Reports

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