Biden Strikes Back: Dems Outrage Over Defending America

In a surprising turn of events, President Joe Biden has finally taken action against the Houthis, and it’s more than just a strongly worded letter this time. The United States and the United Kingdom joined forces to conduct airstrikes on Houthi positions. It’s about time someone stepped up to these troublemakers, but of course, not everyone is happy about it. You guessed it – the Democrats are once again causing a fuss, claiming that the airstrikes are unconstitutional. Oh, spare us the theatrics!

According to these leftists, President Biden should have sought approval from Congress before taking any action. They’re citing Article I of the Constitution, which apparently states that the President must consult Congress before getting involved in any Middle East conflicts. Well, excuse us, but we trust our President to make the necessary decisions to protect our country. Besides, it’s not like he launched these airstrikes on a whim. The War Powers Act clearly outlines that the President can respond to an attack on our armed forces without seeking prior approval. So, all this fuss is just a bunch of malarkey.

But let’s not forget about our favorite group of far-left politicians – the Squad. They wasted no time in criticizing President Biden and calling the airstrikes an “unacceptable violation of the Constitution.” Really, Squad? Do you even understand how our government works? It seems like you’re just jumping on any opportunity to bash our President. Get a grip, folks!

Fortunately, their claims didn’t go unanswered. The administration provided a well-deserved clap back through Community Notes. They explained that President Biden acted within his constitutional authority and made it clear that the strike was in response to an actual attack on our ships. But of course, the Squad will twist any narrative to fit their own agenda. It’s truly tiresome to see how they prioritize their own political game over the safety and security of our nation.

What’s truly ironic is that while the left is busy criticizing President Biden, they forget one crucial detail – the Houthis were firing on us! It’s like they’re more concerned about the terrorists than they are about protecting Americans and our interests. It’s baffling, really. These Democrats need to get their priorities straight and start supporting our President in defending our country.

In the midst of all this chaos, it’s clear that President Biden is stuck between a rock and a hard place. His previous actions of delisting the Houthis as terrorists and appeasing Iran have come back to haunt him, and now he’s facing backlash from his own party. It’s not looking good for Biden, especially considering the discontent we’re seeing in polls among young Democrats. But hey, he brought this upon himself.

The disarray within the left is glaring. Instead of rallying behind our President and supporting his decision to protect our nation, they’re tearing him down. It’s yet another example of their inability to put America first. We need leaders who prioritize the safety and security of our country, not those who cater to the whims of terrorists. Wake up, leftists! It’s time to get your act together and start standing up for America.

Written by Staff Reports

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