Biden Stumbles During Speech: His Age Finally Catching Up?

President Biden’s age was a glaring reality for the whole world to see as he stumbled and fell while giving the commencement address in Colorado. This embarrassing event is not surprising for many conservatives who have long raised concerns about Joe Biden’s mental and physical decline.

The President struggled to get up on his own after the fall and required assistance from Secret Service agents and an Airman. This is not the first time President Biden has seemed shaky on his feet – he has tripped up the stairs of Air Force One multiple times.

The fall was a stark reminder of the concern that many people on the right have about Biden’s age. There are also fears that Biden’s faltering mental capacity will lead to more disastrous foreign policy decisions, such as his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan without a comprehensive plan in place.

Despite his health issues, Biden continues to be propped up by the Democrat establishment and the mainstream media. However, this fall is just another example of the increasing concerns about the President’s declining physical and cognitive health.

Perhaps it is time that the left reconsider whether putting an elderly and mentally declining individual, with little experience, as leader of the free world was a good idea. As this unfortunate event shows, President Biden may be in over his head, and the American people deserve strong and stable leadership.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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