Pence Plots 2024 Takeover: Trump’s VP Now Iowa’s Top Contender!

Former Vice President Mike Pence is gearing up for a run for the presidency in 2024, with a formal announcement set for June 7. Sources close to Pence have confirmed that the announcement will be made in Iowa, a state traditionally important for GOP nomination processes, indicating a strong commitment to winning the nomination. This move is even more noteworthy as Pence decided to prioritize Iowa over his home state of Indiana, demonstrating his seriousness about winning the nomination.

Pence has been using his public appearances and speeches to promote his highly anticipated memoir titled “So Help Me God” while also exploring the possibility of running for the presidency over the past few months. His main themes have been emphasizing the urgent need for maintaining fiscal responsibility and reforming entitlement programs.

He has also consistently maintained his support for Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia, his pro-life stance, and his opposition to radical gender ideology. A super PAC named “Committed to America” has been launched to bolster Pence’s potential candidacy, which is strategically planning to set up shop in all 99 counties of Iowa, indicating Pence’s determination to win the nomination.

Pence’s biggest competition for the GOP nomination is his former running mate and boss, the beloved former President Donald Trump, who is also seeking a second term. Although it won’t be an easy battle for Pence, recent polls indicate he is polling in the single digits, trailing behind Trump and the current Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis.

Pence’s falling-out with Trump following the certification of the 2020 election results and the events that unfolded during the riot at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, may pose some challenges for him. Nonetheless, polls indicate that Pence is garnering support, with 54% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters open to supporting him as a potential candidate.

Undoubtedly, Pence faces a difficult road ahead, but the dynamic nature of the race and the ever-evolving political landscape will undoubtedly shape the prospects of all these potential candidates in the months to come. Despite the challenges, Pence’s dedication to prioritizing Iowa and his unwavering commitment to fiscally responsible policies and reforming entitlement programs make him a viable and attractive candidate to those who share his conservative views.

Source: Trending Politics

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