Biden Team Botches Facts Again, Misfires on Supreme Court Ruling

In the latest episode of the Biden Administration’s comedy of errors, the social media team managed to embarrass themselves once again by posting misinformation. Amid the chaos following Biden’s stunt in last Thursday’s presidential debate, his team made another classic blunder on Tuesday. Apparently, when they aren’t busy showcasing their dubious competence, they’re further illustrating their disdain for facts.

Biden, or more likely his overpaid and underqualified social media intern, had to delete a post on the social media platform X after users spotted a glaring mistake. The botched message lamented an imaginary Supreme Court ruling on Liquified Natural Gas exports. In reality, no such decision existed from the Supreme Court. Turns out, the ruling in question came from U.S. District Judge James Cain of the Western District of Louisiana. What a way for the administration to pretend they know what they’re doing.

The Supreme Court did make a ruling earlier on presidential immunity, which threw a wrench into their ongoing persecution of former President Donald Trump. The decision left the liberal media and their patrons in hysterics, undoubtedly causing confusion among Biden’s already beleaguered staff. Clearly, someone in the White House with an incurable case of SCOTUS Derangement Syndrome managed to mix up their legal forums. 


Conservative social media had a field day with this gaffe. Users suggested that not only might Biden be declining mentally, but his entire staff appears to be catching the same dementia bug. Theories flooded in, pointing fingers at the administration’s infamous diversity hires. With an emphasis on checking boxes for race, gender, sexual orientation, and other features irrelevant to actual job performance, it’s no wonder this administration struggles with basic competence.

Who could blame them? When your press secretary choice lands on someone like Karine Jean-Pierre, who hits multiple identity checkmarks but lacks merit, these blunders start to make sense. And let’s not forget the president’s own family: an influence-peddling son and a so-called “doctor” wife. When it comes to embarrassments, the Biden crew certainly knows how to pile them high.

In conclusion, whether it was a deranged staffer or one of the many incompetents in Biden’s orbit who made this blunder, it just adds to the circus atmosphere of this administration. One thing is clear: with this group in power, Americans should brace themselves for more of the same ineptitude. Buckle up, folks; the Biden clown car isn’t out of gas just yet.

Written by Staff Reports

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