Biden Threatens to Abandon Israel in Wake of Iranian Attack

Sleepy Joe Biden did it again, folks. In a move that shocked absolutely no one who’s been paying attention, President Joe Biden reportedly threatened to hang Israel out to dry if they dared respond forcefully to an unprecedented Iranian aerial attack back in April. That’s right – over 300 missiles, rockets, and drones raining down on Israel, and Biden’s big idea was to tell them to sit tight or risk getting ditched. Yeah, you can’t make this stuff up.

The United States and several allies did step in to help Israel defend itself, intercepting nearly all of the incoming fire. However, the fact that Biden decided it was a bright idea to warn Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against launching a significant counter-attack should tell you everything you need to know about his foreign policy chops – or lack thereof. While Israel was weighing its response, Biden issued his sternest school principal warning, telling them that any large-scale retaliation against Iran would mean America was out of the game. Bold strategy, Joe.

Netanyahu, famously not one for taking threats lying down, pushed back against Biden’s ridiculous notion. But it seems that our fearless leader held firm, asserting, in no uncertain terms, that Israel would be left to fend for itself if it decided to go in guns blazing. Ultimately, Israel shelved plans for a larger hit, opting for a more measured approach that, while proving they could reach Iranian targets, caused no major damage or casualties. And folks, that’s how you restrain an ally – Biden style.

Despite Biden’s apparent support for Israel following Hamas’s terrorist attack on October 7, 2023, this incident is just another glaring example of his administration’s hallmark strategy: avoid getting dragged into conflicts at all costs, even when it means throwing your friends a millstone instead of a lifeline. The war in Gaza against Hamas might be winding down, but with Hezbollah in Lebanon and their Iranian backers sniffing around, one has to wonder if Biden has any game plan beyond hoping things don’t blow up.

Add to the mix an Iranian official’s recent warning about getting involved if Israel goes after Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, and it doesn’t take a genius to see that the region is a powder keg. Yet, Biden’s reported comments – conveniently highlighted by the New York Times amid ongoing questions about his mental acuity – hardly inspire confidence. The Times would have you believe this demonstrated him being alert and lucid. Others might say it shows him being dangerously misguided.

So there it is. Biden once again managing to make a tense situation even more precarious while leaving America’s staunchest Middle Eastern ally wondering if they can count on the United States when things go south. Bravo, Joe.

Written by Staff Reports

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