Biden Turns to BEGGING Supreme Court to Approve Student Debt Relief Program

President Biden is practically begging the Supreme Court to green light his student loan forgiveness plan, which has been on hold due to conflicting rulings from courts.

In its court filing, the Biden administration argued that it was following its legal authority when it decided to eliminate billions of dollars in debt.

Elizabeth Prelogar, the Solicitor General of the Biden administration, argued that the president was following the law when he decided to implement his student loan forgiveness plan.

According to the administration, the law gives the president broad authority to make changes to student loans without going through Congress.

The purpose of the legislation known as the HEROES Act is to provide the secretary with the authority to provide relief to student loan borrowers, Prelogar noted.

A judge from Texas, Mark Mark Pittman, who was appointed by Donald Trump, blocked Biden's plan. He criticized the administration's claims about its power. According to Judge Pittman, the USA isn't governed by a leader with absolute powers.

Many voters see the student loan program as an unfair handout to graduates. Under Biden's plan, most borrowers would receive up to $10,000 in forgiveness, while those who receive the federal grants would receive up to $20,000. The program is expected to cost the government hundreds of billions of dollars.

Some believe that Biden did not expect the plan to be able to withstand legal challenges, and he deliberately dangled the promise of loan relief in the hopes that it would motivate young voters in the upcoming elections.

Despite the obstacles that have prevented the program from being implemented, the Biden administration has started sending out letters to students who have received approval.

In the letters, the administration noted that many of the lawsuits that have been filed against the program have prevented it from implementing the plan.

Written by Staff Reports

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