TRENDING: Photo of Biden’s Legs Prompts Speculation from Twitter

An image of US President Joe Biden and his bizzare legs was quickly shared on Twitter after it was mistakenly interpreted as an optical illusion.

The photo, which was taken at the Resolute Desk, shows Biden leaning over his chair and resting on the top of his arms. The caption, which was accompanied by a photo of the president, indicated that Biden was ready to get to work.

Some people on Twitter thought that Biden’s legs were in the photo due to the placement of his jacket over the chair’s back. However, Biden was not aware that the garment was left in a way that made it appear as if he was sitting on top of the chair.

Many people on Twitter pointed out the optical illusion in the photo. One user noted that Biden was actually sitting on the back of the chair. Another user asked if anyone else thought that the president was actually sitting on top of the chair.

Biden’s legs have been the subject of various headlines before. In March 2021, the president tripped and fell while boarding Air Force One. Then, in June, he got another fall while riding a bike near his home in Delaware. The White House initially attributed the incident to high winds.

Despite the embarrassment caused by his fall, Biden was still able to walk away uninjured.

Written by Staff Reports

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