Biden vs Trump Debate Must Address Small Business Challenges and Inflation Crisis

Tonight’s presidential debate promises to be a showdown between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, with topics ranging from foreign policy to Biden’s mental fitness taking center stage. However, Trump’s focus on political prosecutions and the lingering January 6 sideshow are expected to hijack precious airtime that could be better spent discussing the nation’s pressing issues.

Amidst the chaos, America’s 33 million small businesses are eager to determine who will revitalize the Main Street economy. In recent years, small businesses have faced challenges, with inflation being a top concern. Under Biden, prices have soared, squeezing profit margins and hitting consumers hard. The moderators must push for solutions on taming inflation and addressing the cost-of-living crisis that is impacting main streets across the country.

Biden’s reckless government spending fueled by Modern Monetary Theory has only worsened the situation, with small businesses bearing the brunt of rising input costs. Despite Biden’s attempts to blame “corporate greed,” the truth is that small businesses are struggling to stay afloat under the weight of burdensome regulations and taxes.

The looming expiration of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) poses a significant threat to small businesses, with Biden planning to let it expire if reelected. This move could devastate small businesses already reeling from the pandemic and Biden’s economic policies. If he remains in office, Trump and the moderators should press Biden on his plans for small business taxes and regulations.

As a crucial demographic, small businesses may hold the key to this year’s election outcome. Both candidates and the moderators should prioritize addressing their concerns and ensuring that their voices are heard during the debate.

Written by Staff Reports

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