Trump vs Biden Pre-Debate Skirmish Turns Hilarious and Harsh

On the eve of the debate, the American political theater got a more entertaining pre-show than any late-night talk show. Donald Trump and Joe Biden engaged in a viral video slugfest, with Trump’s team providing comedic relief and Biden’s side playing the usual blame game.

Trump’s social media mind game came from a repurposed sketch from Fox News’ resident humorist, Jimmy Failla. The sketch, dubbed “Bidenica,” cleverly mocked Biden’s infamous gaffes and mental slip-ups, suggesting the President might need a prescription more than a re-election campaign. This tongue-in-cheek ad was a riff on those classic prescription drug commercials, adding to the hilarity with fine print warnings. Apparently, taking “Bidenica” means one should avoid stairs, a clear dig at Biden’s multiple stumbles. And to top it off, the ad warned of side effects like chronic lying and an utter incapability to secure the Southern border, problems as enduring as Biden’s presidency.

Just for good measure, Trump’s team threw in a “Lyin’ Biden” bingo card. As if straight from a political carnival, this bingo game invited viewers to track Biden’s whoppers, turning politics into a form of spectator sport. Meanwhile, Biden’s camp predictably rehashed the old January 6 narrative in a video featuring the Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson. Swanson apparently thinks Trump’s call to “fight like hell” and his supposed inaction during the Capitol riot amounted to neglect of duty. He professed his allegiance to Biden as a uniter—despite the current administration’s record of sowing division like a seasoned farmer.

Biden’s dramatic video concludes with a glaring exaggeration of the Capitol events, trying to paint Trump as a chaotic conductor. An old song on a scratched record, Biden’s video attempted to link the former president to insurrection to deflect from his administration’s own failings.

The stage is now set for Thursday’s debate, where Biden and Trump will square off in what promises to be a riveting confrontation. Hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, this 90-minute spectacle comes with only two commercial breaks, a gift to viewers who might be able to witness some unfiltered truth.
In a stroke of marketing genius, Trump’s team scheduled two campaign ads during these scarce breaks. One ad zeros in on Biden’s age, suggesting that a vote for him is a vote for Kamala Harris taking the reins—an unsettling thought for many. The second ad emphasizes the undisclosed but inevitable consequences of another Biden term, making the Trump campaign look like a beacon of foresight.

As the battle lines are drawn, one thing is certain: Trump has set the stage with humor and hard truths, while Biden’s camp has resorted to its tired old script.

Written by Staff Reports

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