Biden White House in Chaos Over Debate Fallout and Secret Doctor Visit

The Biden White House is in crisis mode, scrambling to contain the fallout from the president’s disastrous debate performance. While aides desperately try to manage the ensuing media frenzy, Democrats within the party and even his own staff are questioning their leader’s capability. Last week’s excuse of a cold has done little to placate concerns about Biden’s mental state, while President Trump effortlessly outclassed him in the debate. Amidst the chaos, Biden juggles damage control with top donors and party leaders, all the while contemplating whether it’s time to step aside. As Independence Day passes, the polling numbers will tell the real story.

In a bizarre twist, 20 Democratic governors recently convened with Biden for what can only be described as a mix of apologies, brainstorming, and a desperate pep rally. Despite Biden’s team claiming that he’s in peak health, they’re still ignoring pressing concerns about his mental fitness. Among voters, the sentiment is overwhelming—three-fourths believe he’s too old for the job. To add to the intrigue, Biden had a secret doctor’s visit and didn’t bother to inform anyone about it.

This cloak-and-dagger medical appointment came to light during a private meeting with Democratic governors, as Biden casually mentioned his checkup. The meeting, arranged in a hurry, saw a slew of Democratic governors either fly to Washington or join virtually. This revelation occurred just hours after Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged questions about Biden’s health, claiming they would continue their routine of releasing thorough annual physical reports. The elusive checkup, allegedly prompted by lingering cold symptoms, was reportedly brief and involved no significant tests.

Governors Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico and Janet Mills of Maine voiced their concerns, asking Biden about his ability to secure victories in their states, which are leaning blue but still competitive. They weren’t reassured by Biden’s vague talk during the meeting, leaving many to wonder about the actual state of his health.

The incident raises several critical questions that the mainstream media seems all too willing to ignore. Who exactly examined Biden? When did this examination take place? Where is the medical report? It’s high time journalists prove they’re not just lapdogs for the White House and demand answers. The White House’s opaque handling of Biden’s health concerns exacerbates their credibility crisis, putting Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in the hot seat for the next briefing.

The media’s complacency in not scrutinizing the White House’s narrative is increasingly glaring. Had they been doing their job, the American public might have been better informed about their president’s health. The administration’s lack of transparency does nothing to allay fears about Biden’s competence, leaving the country to question the true state of their leader’s health.

Written by Staff Reports

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