Top Biden Donor Demands He Drop Out Amid Concerns Over Mental Acuity, Calls It Deceptive

A major Democratic donor and longtime supporter of President Joe Biden has publicly expressed his disappointment and concern over Biden’s mental acuity, calling for the incumbent to step down immediately. Whitney Tilson, a Wall Street investor and co-founder of Netflix, has accused Biden and his team of deceiving the American people about his capabilities, likening it to what he refers to as Trump’s “Big Lie.”

Tilson’s remarks have stirred up controversy within Democratic circles, with many questioning Biden’s ability to defeat Trump in the upcoming election. Despite his past support for Biden, Tilson now believes that a younger challenger would have a better chance against the current president.

Following his comments to the New York Post, Tilson appeared on CNN to further elaborate on his concerns, stating that he can no longer find support for Biden among Democrats. He emphasized his respect for Biden’s past achievements but expressed doubt about his current ability to win against Trump.

Recent polls post-debate have shown Trump extending his lead over Biden, raising alarms among Democratic supporters. Even former President Barack Obama has reportedly reached out to Biden to offer support and advice as the candidate contemplates his next steps.

With the race appearing to slip away from Biden, all eyes are on his upcoming interview with George Stephanopoulos, where he may address the growing calls for him to drop out of the race. The pressure is mounting as Biden faces increasing doubts about his chances of securing the presidency.

Written by Staff Reports

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