Bidenomics Bomb: Majority of Americans Declare Economy in a Tailspin!

A recent survey conducted by Reuters/Ipsos revealed that Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with Bidenomics, believing that the U.S. economy has worsened under President Joe Biden’s leadership compared to the previous five years under former President Donald Trump. According to the survey, economic issues are seen as some of the most urgent problems facing the country, with almost half of Americans (49 percent) identifying inflation as the most important issue. Additionally, a staggering 73 percent of Americans believe that the economy is in a worse state now than it was five years ago under Trump’s leadership.

It’s no surprise that Americans are feeling pessimistic about the economy, especially considering the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which forced businesses to close and resulted in economic hardships for many. Interestingly, 64 percent of Americans also believe that the economy is worse now than it was in 2020, at the height of the pandemic.

The survey also highlighted a lack of confidence in Biden’s approach to the economy, with 56 percent of Americans stating that they do not believe he is doing enough to invest in it. This sentiment reflects a broader concern among Americans who feel worse off compared to previous years.

A separate poll conducted by IBD/TIPP showed that Biden’s approval rating remains at a record low of just 38 percent, with 51 percent of American adults disapproving of his job performance. Even more concerning for Biden is the fact that 22 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of independents also disapprove of his performance. Additionally, a majority of Americans (52 percent) do not approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, reflecting a one-point increase from July’s survey.

Furthermore, the negative effects of inflation are becoming more pronounced, as only 16 percent of those surveyed believe that their wages have kept pace with it. Inflation remains a top economic concern for 50 percent of adults, with worries specifically about gas prices increasing from 25 percent in July to 28 percent. This comes as gas prices continue to rise across the country, with the national average reaching $3.82 per gallon. States such as California, Hawaii, and Alaska have even higher average prices, with California’s average exceeding $5.00 per gallon.

These survey findings highlight the growing disillusionment among Americans with Bidenomics and their concerns about the state of the economy. The numbers speak for themselves: the majority of Americans believe that the economy has worsened under Biden’s leadership, and many are worried about the impact of inflation and rising gas prices. It’s clear that Biden’s economic policies are failing to deliver the prosperity that Americans expect and deserve.

Written by Staff Reports

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