Bidenomics Crashes and Burns: Kari Lake Exposes Harsh Truth!

Thanksgiving has arrived and unfortunately, many families across the nation are feeling the pain of Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies. It seems like just yesterday, under the leadership of President Donald Trump, the economy was thriving and Americans were living comfortably. But now, thanks to Biden, over 60 percent of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, a significant increase from just three years ago.

Don’t let Biden fool you into thinking his economy is a success. Inflation is running rampant under his administration, and he’s done nothing to stop it. It doesn’t help that his enablers in Congress, like Kyrsten Sinema and Ruben Gallego, are only making matters worse. Arizona, in particular, has been hit hard by what I like to call “Bidenomics.” Inflation in our state has skyrocketed since Biden took office, with families paying an average of $2,577 more for food and beverages compared to three years ago.

It’s no wonder that the majority of Arizona voters think the economy is poor, while only a mere 3 percent believe it’s excellent. Nationally, 70 percent of Americans are stressed about their finances. And just in time for Thanksgiving, the cost of the average meal has spiked 30.43 percent compared to Trump’s last Thanksgiving in the White House. Can you believe it?

Under Trump, milk prices hit lows we hadn’t seen in decades. But now, thanks to Biden’s disastrous “Bidenomics” plan, milk prices have risen once again. It’s clear that Biden has driven America to the edge of a cliff with his failed policies.

But fear not, my fellow Americans, because in less than a year, we have the opportunity to turn this mess around. We can either back away from the cliff with common-sense America First policies or continue to drive straight off it with Biden’s America Last policies. The choice is ours.

Let’s not forget the historic peace and prosperity we experienced during Trump’s four years in office. Say what you will about his personality, but the facts speak for themselves. It’s undeniable that Biden has managed to undo that historic economic boom in just three short years.

So as we gather with our families this holiday season, let’s ask ourselves the same question that Ronald Reagan posed to the American people back in 1980: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Unfortunately, the resounding answer today is no.

But there is hope. In 2024, we have the power to vote in the best interests of our families and our nation. We must vote to put America First, just as we did when we elected Donald Trump. And if you happen to be in Arizona, remember that I, Kari Lake, am a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, ready to fight for our conservative values.

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