Biden’s Baffling Bloopers: Supply Chains, Speeding Trains, and Deficit Pains!

President Joe Biden made a visit to West Columbia, South Carolina, and as expected, his speech was riddled with gaffes and inaccurate claims. While it wasn’t quite as nonsensical as the time he shouted about mobilizing trunalimunumaprzure, Biden still managed to leave us scratching our heads. Luckily, the RNC Research Twitter page captured some of the highlights for us.

During his speech, Biden proudly boasted about the amount of money his administration was investing in New York’s infrastructure. According to him, thanks to his efforts, the Hudson Tunnel would allow you to zoom through it at 100 mph instead of a measly 30 mph. Now, I don’t know about you, but it seems like Biden is making promises a bit too lofty for his track record.

To add to the confusion, Biden admitted that just six years ago, he had no idea what a supply chain even was. Can you imagine? The leader of the free world, clueless about one of the most fundamental aspects of our economy. It’s no wonder we’ve been facing supply chain issues under his watch.

There was also a cringeworthy moment when Biden stumbled over his words and attempted to correct himself. He mumbled something about “lifting more power components” and then spewed out a garbled mess of words like “redwood mineral.” Eventually, he managed to pull it together and muttered “redwood materials.” It’s like playing a game of Mad Libs with our President. Can we at least get a coherent sentence?

But perhaps the most egregious claim Biden made was about reducing the deficit. In his trademark creepy whisper, he announced, “I cut the deficit by $1.7 trillion in two years.” Applause broke out, but unfortunately for Biden, the facts tell a different story.

Even CNN, of all places, debunked Biden’s claim back in 2022. They reported that the deficit has actually grown larger under the Biden administration than what was projected by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. So much for Biden’s grand fiscal accomplishments. It’s no wonder CNN referred to Biden’s claims as a “bizarro world” of lies.

And let’s not forget the experts who weighed in on the matter. Dan White from Moody’s Analytics pointed out that Biden’s actions have only led to higher deficits, not smaller ones. And Marc Goldwein from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget called Biden’s claims a reversal of reality. Apparently, Biden could have done everyone a favor by simply doing nothing, as he passed no legislation to directly reduce deficits.

It’s frustrating to see Biden mislead the American people with his faulty claims and empty promises. But hey, at least we have Twitter and fact-checkers to hold him accountable. Let’s hope Biden starts focusing on facts rather than fiction, because our country deserves better.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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