Biden’s Big Brother: Shocking Proof of Government’s Targeting of Innocent MAGA Supporters!

In a stunning revelation, Republican powerhouse Congressman Jim Jordan has uncovered yet another egregious abuse of power by the federal government. It turns out that financial institutions were explicitly instructed to target innocent Americans who dared to support former President Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement. Talk about political discrimination!

According to documents obtained by Jordan, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) distributed materials to banks, guiding them on which terms and phrases to search for in private transactions following the January 6th Capitol riot. And what were these suspicious terms? None other than “MAGA” and “Trump.” How outrageous!

It appears that the Biden administration has no qualms about trampling on Americans’ civil liberties. Using the guise of “extremism indicators,” FinCEN warned banks to be on the lookout for purchases such as bus tickets, rental cars, and flights to unknown destinations. They even singled out the purchase of books or subscriptions to media with “extremist views.” Clearly, this is a thinly veiled attempt to target conservatives and infringe upon their right to free speech.

But it doesn’t end there. Jordan also wrote a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, expressing concern over the FBI’s collaboration with Bank of America in tracking down individuals who made financial transactions in the Washington, D.C., area around January 6th. This is nothing short of a chilling surveillance operation, reminiscent of a police state.

It’s deeply concerning to witness the erosion of our constitutional rights under the Biden administration. The government’s intrusive monitoring of private financial transactions only serves to further divide the country and stifle dissenting voices. This is not the America we know and love, where freedom and individual liberties are valued above all else.

Congressman Jordan has demanded transcribed interviews with key individuals involved in these alarming actions. We must hold these unelected bureaucrats accountable for their flagrant abuse of power. Americans deserve transparency and a return to the principles that have made our nation exceptional.

Let us hope that Jordan’s efforts will shed light on these disturbing practices and lead to real change. We must stand united against the encroachment of big government and fight for the preservation of our cherished conservative values.

Written by Staff Reports

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