Cortes Ditches DeSantis, Rejoins Trump Train to Save America!

Steve Cortes, who used to work as a spokesperson for the Never Back Down super PAC, recently made news when he cut ties with Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and promised to always back former President Donald Trump's campaign for president. Along with this big break from DeSantis, Cortes said he was sorry for his previous decision and told people who still support the Florida governor to "read the room."

In an honest piece for RealClearPolitics, Cortes admitted that he had been wrong: "I thought that Republican voters were ready for a new chapter of the America First movement after Trump." I think I was wrong now. Afterward, he praised Trump as the only person who could save the country from President Joe Biden and the Democrats. He then issued a harsh warning that another term under Biden's leadership could mean a major and possibly harmful change in the United States.

Cortes stressed how important it was for everyone to stand with former President Trump in the ongoing fight against the elites and the ruling class who want to destroy the American way of life. He begged other patriotic populists to join him in pledging allegiance to Trump's cause. He stressed that he was committed to backing Trump's plans, just like he was in the 2016 and 2020 campaigns.

Cortes also warned conservatives not to stir up fights within their own party because it could hurt their chances in the upcoming general election. He emphasized, "We do not have the luxury of further internal strife and instead must gird for an epic battle this autumn against our opponents who are inflicting daily damage upon America."

His daughter, Kingsley Cortes Wilson, who is a national committeewoman for the D.C. Young Republicans, agrees with the former president and the former top adviser to Trump. Wilson has been a strong supporter of Trump and a constant critic of DeSantis during the primary, which is in line with what the rest of the family thinks about the issue.

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