Biden’s Biting Dogs Terrorize White House Staff!

Did you hear the latest about President Joe Biden’s dogs? It seems like these German Shepherds can’t keep their teeth to themselves! The Associated Press recently reported that Commander, the two-year-old pup, has been removed from the White House after yet another biting incident. This follows the previous banishment of Major, the five-year-old troublemaker, who was sent away just last year.

But hold on, folks, that’s not all! According to CBS News, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch discovered through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that Commander had attacked and bitten Secret Service agents not once, not twice, but ten separate times! Imagine working a thankless job at the White House and getting attacked by the President’s pooch. It’s like the dog is auditioning for a role in the next “Jaws” movie!

The White House tried to downplay the severity of these attacks, blaming it on the “stressful environment” of the busy grounds. Yeah, right! Maybe they should try blaming it on the dog’s lack of training or discipline. After all, it’s not like Commander is just targeting Secret Service agents. According to CNN, there have been more biting incidents involving other staff members, including the White House groundskeeper. Can you imagine being out there trimming the hedges, minding your own business, when all of a sudden, a wild dog jumps on you? This isn’t some twisted version of “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, folks. It’s a dangerous situation created by a dog that hasn’t been properly trained.

The White House spokeswoman tried to smooth things over by saying that the President and First Lady care about the safety of everyone. But actions speak louder than words, don’t they? Commander is no longer living on the White House campus while they figure out what to do next. It’s clear that they should have taken stronger action earlier on. It shouldn’t take multiple incidents and people getting hurt for them to finally do something about this problem.

According to Axios, Secret Service agents and White House staff are fed up with Commander’s behavior. Can you blame them? They’re the ones dealing with the consequences. But instead of addressing the issue head-on, the first family and their inner circle seem to be brushing it off and refusing to take responsibility. It’s not the Secret Service’s problem, it’s not the staff’s problem – it’s Biden’s problem. Maybe instead of focusing on pushing their own agenda, they should prioritize the safety and well-being of those who serve them.

In the end, it’s clear that President Biden’s unruly and apparently untrained dog has created a dangerous and hostile work environment. This isn’t partisan politics, folks, it’s about basic safety. These incidents should have been dealt with swiftly and effectively. Instead, we’re left with a dog that bites and a White House that turns a blind eye. It’s time for some real leadership and accountability, starting with properly training and controlling these dogs. Is it too much to ask that our President’s dogs don’t sink their teeth into the people trying to protect him? Apparently, for the Biden administration, it is.

Written by Staff Reports

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