Leftist City to Gift ‘Free Money’ to Transgenders, Illegals

San Francisco, known for its liberal stance, has once again demonstrated its dedication to progressive initiatives. The city has recently unveiled a plan to provide financial support to low-income transgender individuals, with a preference for those who identify as black or "Latinx." Additionally, the "Guaranteed Income for Trans People" (GIFT) program will extend its assistance to undocumented immigrants and individuals who have been incarcerated.

According to information obtained by Judicial Watch, San Francisco intends to allocate tax revenue to offer financial aid to transgender residents. The pilot program will grant payments of up to $1,200 per month for a maximum of 18 months, aiming to alleviate poverty among economically disadvantaged transgender individuals. To accommodate those who do not have bank accounts, the program will utilize prepaid debit cards. However, the maximum amount one can receive is capped at $4,000.

Concerningly, the program documents reveal a prioritization based on race, as well as factors such as involvement in survival sex work, prior incarceration, and immigration status. The objective is to ensure participation and support for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of Color) transgender and nonbinary individuals, with specific targets set for Black and Latinx transgender women. It is noteworthy that tax dollars are being used to promote racial quotas and give preference to transgender individuals.

Mayor London Breed, a Democrat, justifies the program by citing higher poverty rates and discrimination faced by the transgender community. While these challenges are undoubtedly real, it is disconcerting that the city's focus is exclusively on one identity group, seemingly neglecting other vulnerable populations, including small business owners, residents affected by theft and vandalism, or veterans in need of assistance.

It is not surprising that San Francisco's progressive leaders have introduced such an identity-focused program, considering their previous efforts to provide income support to specific groups, such as "Black and Pacific Islander mothers and pregnant individuals during and after pregnancy." It appears that pregnant individuals are no longer the primary focus of these officials.

Once again, San Francisco underscores its commitment to progressive policies, even at the expense of principles of fairness, merit, and common sense. It is disheartening to witness the allocation of tax dollars to promote racial quotas and prioritize specific identity groups over addressing the needs of the entire community.

Leftist City to Gift ‘Free Money’ to Transgenders, Illegals

Written by Staff Reports

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