Biden’s Blunder: Missing SEALS Ignored, Public Left in the Dark

The recent news of two Navy SEALS going missing off the coast of Somalia has raised serious questions about the Biden administration’s response and transparency. It all started when these brave heroes attempted to save their fellow comrade who fell into the water during a nighttime seizure operation. With reports suggesting the boat they were intercepting carried Iranian-made weaponry for the Houthis, one would expect a swift and dedicated effort to locate and rescue them.

However, the Biden team’s abysmal response thus far has left many scratching their heads. When reporters inquired about updates on the search, Pentagon spokesperson Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder appeared completely clueless. It’s mind-boggling how unprepared one can be for such a pressing issue. Are they just hoping we forget about it? Or is there something more sinister at play here?

It’s been almost a week, and still, the Biden team has nothing substantial to report. Sure, choppy seas and darkness can make rescue operations challenging, but this long delay raises suspicions. Could they be deliberately avoiding admitting they can’t recover the missing SEALS? The Biden team has a track record of spinning tales, so it’s only natural to question their intentions.

And let’s not forget the lack of transparency we’ve already witnessed from this administration. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s medical issues were swept under the rug, and now we have the silence surrounding the American hostages held by Hamas. It’s as if they hope we all stop asking about important matters and move on.

It’s concerning to see these “adults” in charge, as they claim. Their disregard for the safety and well-being of our brave servicemen and women is disheartening. The families of these missing SEALS deserve answers, not empty platitudes. We need a firm commitment from the Biden administration to do everything in their power to locate and rescue our brave soldiers.

The incompetence and lack of transparency exhibited by the Biden team is alarming. We can only hope that the true intentions behind their negligent response to this crisis will be revealed soon. Until then, we must continue to demand accountability and never stop questioning their actions. Our military deserves better, and so do the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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