Biden’s Blunders Boost Hezbollah Hit List on U.S. Soil!

The national security concerns arising from perceived weaknesses in Biden's approach and the presence of Iran-backed terrorist groups, such as Hezbollah, pose significant challenges. Numerous government officials have cautioned border agents to be vigilant for potential terrorists influenced by events like the Hamas massacre on October 7. FBI Director Chris Wray has acknowledged gaps in the FBI's knowledge regarding terrorist organizations planning attacks on Americans.

Recent intelligence indicates an increased risk of Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed group primarily based in Lebanon, planning attacks on Americans. Anonymous officials revealed to Politico that Hezbollah terrorists might target U.S. personnel in the Middle East, including troops and diplomatic personnel overseas. The possibility of an attack on U.S. soil is also growing amid escalating tensions in the region, according to Politico's intel assessments.

Politico further warned that Hezbollah's extensive international network allows them to infiltrate and potentially carry out attacks in the United States. With Biden's lax border security contributing to the influx of illegal immigrants with flagged identities in U.S. terrorist databases, the potential for a Hezbollah attack on U.S. soil cannot be dismissed. Additionally, there are concerns that Hezbollah terrorists may have already entered the U.S. by exploiting the record number of known "got-aways" crossing the southern border.

Given Biden's perceived inaction and attempts at deterrence in the Middle East resulting in challenges like the Houthi rebel blockade of the Red Sea and over 115 attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria, concerns arise about Hezbollah's confidence in carrying out attacks on U.S. targets without fearing American retaliation. The perceived lackadaisical strategy from Biden is seen as putting American troops and potentially even domestic targets at greater risk.

Written by Staff Reports

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