Biden’s Secret Soirees: Wooing Donors for 2024 Run Despite Dismal Polls

President Joe Biden, amid growing concerns about his reelection prospects, has reportedly been engaging in discreet private meetings at the White House with key donors and allies to bolster support for his 2024 campaign. These confidential gatherings, initiated by Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-chairman of Biden's campaign and a seasoned Democratic fundraiser, have been occurring since April and involve discussions on various topics such as Biden's age, energy levels, the potential threat posed by Donald Trump, the Israel-Gaza conflict, and abortion rights.

Sources familiar with these meetings, which typically include four to eight participants, suggest that the lack of a fixed agenda allows for candid conversations. The purpose appears to be an opportunity for Biden's close associates and major donors to provide feedback and express their views, fostering a sense of confidence among his supporters regarding his commitment to the upcoming election and a potential second term.

Beyond the official White House channels, these off-the-record discussions serve as a means for Biden to receive input from individuals outside his immediate political circle, providing a fresh perspective. While maintaining privacy is essential for political discussions, it's noted that similar private sessions have been a tradition for past presidents, including Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, as a way to connect with influential figures.

The timing of these meetings coincides with a decline in Biden's approval ratings and increasing dissatisfaction among some key voters who played a crucial role in his 2020 victory. The president has faced internal criticism within his party, with certain Democrats calling for him to withdraw from the race. Additionally, Biden has encountered challenges from his own staff regarding the U.S.'s stance on Israel, contributing to a complex political landscape for the president.

In pivotal states like Michigan, recent polls indicate that only 17% of voters believe Biden deserves another term in the White House, underscoring the uphill battle he faces in regaining public support. As Biden navigates these challenges, the article concludes with a wish of good luck to the president in his efforts to win back the confidence of the electorate.






Written by Staff Reports

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