House Speaker Johnson Blasts Democrats Over Border Security Failures

House Speaker Mike Johnson, a stalwart defender of border security, recently slammed the “open border Democrats” for their lackadaisical approach to protecting our nation’s boundaries. He exclaimed that House Republicans have put forth legislation to fortify the border, only to have it languish in the clutches of the Democratic-controlled Senate.

In a fiery appearance on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, Johnson pointed out the glaring fact that the Senate and the White House are under the control of the open border Democrats. This, he emphasized, has thwarted the proper legislative course to address the pressing issue of border security. With a touch of frustration, Johnson underscored the urgent need for President Biden to exercise his executive authority and take swift action to seal the border.

When probed about the feasibility of achieving border security under the current administration, Johnson confidently asserted that President Biden has a plethora of options at his disposal, numbering in the range of seven to eight. The unwavering support of former President Donald Trump, who voiced full-fledged endorsement during a recent conversation, further bolstered Johnson’s resolve to push for stringent border measures.

However, Johnson also found himself embroiled in a tussle within his own party, as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took aim at his leadership over the border security issue. Johnson expressed his dismay at Greene’s motion to vacate, emphasizing that such internal discord could detrimentally impact the grander mission of safeguarding the republic.

The dissenting voices within the GOP did not stop there, as Sen. Rand Paul also levied criticism against Johnson, citing his vote against an amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Paul bemoaned Johnson’s purported lack of distinguishable leadership from that of the Democrats’ tenure in the House.

In the face of mounting challenges, Johnson remains firm in his dedication to fortifying the border and preserving the integrity of the nation’s sovereignty.

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