Speaker Johnson Struggles to Unite GOP on Foreign Aid Amid Rising Global Tensions

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s efforts to push for a foreign aid plan for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan are facing obstacles, as the bill text for the program was expected to be released but did not appear. The Louisiana Republican has been busy addressing concerns and demands from different factions within the House GOP.

Conservatives are urging Speaker Johnson to include border security measures from the GOP’s Secure the Border Act and ensure the plan is paid for. Some even want a more streamlined version of the plan, like a military-only Ukraine aid bill, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia expressing opposition to sending money to what she calls a corrupt Ukraine.

The urgency for aid has been highlighted by recent events, such as Iran’s attack on Israel and Russia’s advance through Ukraine. However, concerns about not wasting taxpayer money and the inclusion of border security policy have caused divisions within the Republican party.

Some Republicans are considering alternative measures, such as signing off on a petition to force a vote on the Senate’s foreign aid package, which Speaker Johnson has refused to bring to the floor due to insufficient border security policy.

The situation has put pressure on the House Speaker, as he needs to navigate the demands of different factions within the House GOP and secure support from Democrats to move the proposed aid package forward.

As time runs out for the House to act on foreign aid this week, the speaker is facing challenges in making decisions that satisfy the various concerns within his party and address the urgent needs for aid in the mentioned countries.

Written by Staff Reports

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