Biden’s Bogus Informant Trial: FBI Snitch Sparks GOP Fury

Former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov is stirring up trouble for President Joe Biden. The trial for his alleged lies to federal investigators will kick off on April 23, as decided by Judge Otis Wright in the Central District of California. Smirnov, who used to work as an FBI snitch, faces charges of fibbing to the feds and creating phony records. Special counsel David Weiss claims Smirnov misled the FBI by dishing out bogus dirt about Biden and his son Hunter, even after being warned to spill the beans truthfully. Weiss alleges that Smirnov cooked up bribery accusations against the president and his son, which were then used to fuel the GOP’s impeachment inquiry into Biden.

House Republicans latched onto these juicy allegations, letting them rip to spice up their investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings. Although, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) was already probing the Biden clan before gobbling up Smirnov’s supposed fabrications. The Democrats are barking at the GOP, saying the impeachment inquiry is nothing but a sham hinged on Smirnov’s tall tales.

Smirnov, however, isn’t taking the heat lying down. He’s pleaded not guilty and is hoping to score some sweet release from the slammer while he waits for his trial. But Weiss is quick to shoot him down, arguing that Smirnov, being the fibber he is, might jet off and vanish into thin air. Plus, with millions of dollars at his disposal, Weiss thinks Smirnov could easily pull a disappearing act.

Judge Wright ain’t buying Smirnov’s sob story and decided to keep him locked up. Smirnov’s lawyers, though, are gearing up to fight this decision tooth and nail. Looks like this showdown is just getting started!

Written by Staff Reports

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