Biden’s Border Blunder: Fancy App Fails, Crisis Continues!

The Biden administration and its buddies in Congress are patting themselves on the back, claiming victory because they think the end of Title 42 means the border crisis is over. They want us to believe that illegal crossings have plummeted down to nothing. But folks, don’t fall for it! The reality on the ground tells a different story.

Sure, the Biden administration is using this fancy CBP One app to let people into the country who don’t even qualify for asylum. They think that by doing this, they can justify their disastrous open-border policy. But let’s be real, folks. Just because they’re letting some people in legally doesn’t mean the problem is solved. It’s like putting a band-aid on a gaping wound.

In good ol’ Eagle Pass, Texas, illegal crossings are hitting record highs once again. Those poor migrants in Mexico are sick and tired of waiting in line for this fancy app. Can you blame them? I mean, who wants to waste time on an app that barely works, if at all?

And let’s not forget about the Tucson Sector, the home of the “gotaways.” These folks are masters at evading capture and slipping through the cracks. And guess what? Even they are finding their way into the United States, right around the national park in Lukeville, Arizona. Talk about a great vacation spot!

But it doesn’t end there, folks. Just the other day, migrants in Nuevo Laredo were practically begging to be let in. They were desperate, claiming that this so-called app wasn’t doing its job. Can you blame them for being frustrated? I sure can’t.

The Biden administration wants us to focus on the numbers, to believe that everything is just peachy keen at the border. But let me tell you, it’s nothing but smoke and mirrors. This crisis was created by their own open-border policies, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Brace yourselves, folks, because as long as Sleepy Joe is in charge, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Written by Staff Reports

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