Biden’s Border Fiasco: 6M Illegals, Deadly Drugs, and Murderous Gangs!

The disastrous policies of President Biden have resulted in the US becoming unstable. Over six million illegal immigrants have entered the country, many of whom are carrying deadly drugs such as fentanyl.

The policies of Biden have become so consequential that it has become difficult for the Democrats to ignore them. On Wednesday, authorities apprehended five illegal aliens in connection with the murder of a teenager whose body was discovered in a state park in Maryland.

The body of Limber Jocimar Lopez Funez, who had been missing for over two months, was found in April. His suspected killers are migrants linked to the MS-13 gang.

Despite the threat of illegal immigration, Biden did not close the border during his entire presidency. This resulted in the U.S. becoming more vulnerable to gang members and drugs coming into the country.

Americans are suffering due to Biden's carelessness, and his administration's failure to lead the country is worsening. A recent poll revealed that over half of voters think that the president is ignoring the issue of illegal immigrants. In seven key states that are crucial in the presidential election, over 60% of voters disapprove of how the president is handling immigration.

The Democrats have to stop ignoring the border crisis in the US. Biden’s policies have caused Americans to become more vulnerable. The Republican Party will not stop fighting against policies that endanger the lives of Americans. It’s time for the country to put its first.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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