Woke Agenda Invades Fox News: Can Conservatism Survive DEI Onslaught?

The left’s “woke” goal has crept into every part of American life, and now it seems to have reached conservative news as well. Recently, Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner said she was worried that the network might have to give in to the radical, progressive narrative in order to meet with woke state laws that require diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies.

The Left’s plans are not slowing down, and liberals are urged to take over in New York, especially in the area where Fox News is based. One can only wonder what else they will want to be in charge of in the future.

Faulkner’s worries are not unfounded, since DEI policies are now required by law in many places. Even Chick-fil-A, a Christian restaurant that used to be very conservative, has given in to what the Left wants. Even the woke agenda’s attempts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion have been praised, which has upset many of their longtime conservative customers.

If the “woke” mission can get into a conservative favorite like Chick-fil-A, it’s scary to think about what other companies will follow suit. But the state of New York is pushing these DEI policies on businesses, and Fox News and other companies will have to change some things even if they don’t agree with them.

Last week, Fox News leaked a policy that supports workers who want to change their gender, as well as a section called “Gender Transition” that promises to make the workplace more welcoming for everyone. But things that are open for one group are often not for another. People and businesses have to give up their beliefs and ideals to fit in with the Left’s story because of the way things are now.

Fox News has gotten a perfect score in the past from LGBTQ groups and people who support gender expression, gender identity, non-conforming gender, gender transition, nonbinary gender, and transgender people. If its fans really knew how “woke” the network is, they would be shocked.

In conclusion, the Left’s brainwashing has no limits, and they will do anything to make everyone follow their woke plan. Concern that even conservative news networks might have to follow these rules is a red flag for the culture and political identity of our country.

Written by Staff Reports

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