Is Ron DeSantis’s ‘Wokeness’ Hurting His Presidential Run? Fox Host Larry Kudlow Weighs In

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida may have a uphill battle in terms of his potential presidential race because he lacks an economic agenda and is ‘too woke,’ according to Fox Business host Larry Kudlow. Kudlow explained how people are looking for specific plans of action with regard to the economy, and DeSantis is falling short on that front, whereas former president Donald Trump has a clear and defined economic agenda that appeals to voters.

Kudlow also criticized DeSantis for criticising House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s debt ceiling deal with President Biden over Memorial Day weekend. It was a huge victory for McCarthy, signalling a huge first step back towards conservative economic principles – a demonstration of positive change that DeSantis was foolish to criticise.

Further, Kudlow expressed his dismay towards DeSantis’ feud against Disney for opposition to legislation supporting parental rights that the company opposed. Kudlow was of the view that this is an indication of DeSantis being too woke, as he fails to recognise the long term implications of his actions. Instead of going after businesses, DeSantis should have simply sat down with the Disney CEO to negotiate, according to Kudlow.

In conclusion, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ alleged wokeness and lack of an economic agenda are terrifying prospects for his potential presidential campaign, as per Fox Business host Larry Kudlow’s views. DeSantis faces a major challenge in terms of winning the vote from those who are looking for specific plans of action with regards to the economy.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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