Biden’s Border Mishap: Youngkin Reveals 5 Virginians Dead Daily!

Virginia's Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin, recently traveled to the Texas-Mexico frontier to meet with the Virginia National Guard. He remained steadfast in his call for President Joe Biden to strengthen control over illegal border crossings, especially those made by drug cartels. Governor Youngkin expressed concern over the influx of narcotics into the United States and their devastation on Virginians. With an average of five Virginians per day dying from fentanyl overdoses, he emphasized the significance of addressing the problem's root cause.

Governor Youngkin met with twenty-five members of the Virginia National Guard and five members of the Texas National Guard who are participating in Operation Lone Star, a multistate endeavor to combat the crisis at the southern border. He listened to their border-related experiences and thanked them for their devotion. In addition to delivering lunches and distributing challenge tokens, he recruited a member of the National Guard to play basketball for his team. Governor Youngkin's support for Governor Greg Abbott's border endeavor has been criticized in Virginia, but he believes it is necessary due to the effects of illegal immigration on his state.

During his journey, the governor visited several border locations, including Eagle Pass, Shelby Park, and Observation Point 1407. He had the opportunity to view the border fencing firsthand and received a briefing from the Texas and Virginia National Guards on their daily efforts to combat illicit immigration, drug trafficking, and human trafficking. Instead of relying solely on states like Texas, the members of the National Guard emphasized the need for more federal resources to resolve these issues. Governor Youngkin's visit to the border demonstrates his commitment to safeguarding Virginians and addressing the border crisis.

Governor Glenn Youngkin's visit to the Texas-Mexico border demonstrates his strong posture on border control and his dedication to safeguarding the safety and welfare of Virginians. The devastating effects of drugs on Virginians, particularly fentanyl, cannot be ignored. It is encouraging to see a leader like Governor Youngkin take decisive action and demand stricter control over illegal border crossings and drug cartel activity. The fact that he is willing to support Governor Abbott's efforts in Texas demonstrates his awareness of the interdependence of states when it comes to issues such as immigration and drug trafficking. Residents of Virginia can have faith in Governor Youngkin's commitment to confronting these challenges head-on and assuring the safety of their communities.

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