ESPN’s SJW Turn: All-Female ‘SportsCenter’ Shuns Men’s Sports!

ESPN is once again pandering to the left by presenting an all-female edition of SportsCenter solely focused on women’s sports. But it’s not just the on-air staff that will be all female, even the producers, camera people, and other off-air staff members will be exclusively women. Talk about going all in on the virtue signaling!

To make matters worse, ESPN will be airing advertisements and segments during commercial breaks to promote the financial-services firm Ally, which has a sponsorship deal with Disney (ESPN’s owner). And get this, 90 percent of Ally’s spending on the network will go towards women’s sports reporting. So not only is ESPN pushing an all-female agenda, but they’re also pushing a specific sponsor’s agenda. Talk about shamelessly pandering.

One can’t help but wonder if ESPN’s commitment to women’s sports is genuine or just a PR stunt. After all, why are they airing this all-female broadcast so late at night, at 11 p.m. Eastern? It seems like they’re just checking a box and giving their new sponsor what they want. It’s all about the money and appeasing the woke crowd for ESPN.

The reality is that women’s sports still pale in comparison to men’s sports in terms of viewership and ticket sales. Last year, a poll found that only 30 percent of sports fans said they are watching or intend to watch more women’s sports. And let’s not forget about soccer. The FIFA Women’s World Cup may have sold 1.5 million tickets, but that’s nothing compared to the over three million tickets sold for the Men’s World Cup. The numbers don’t lie.

ESPN may try to spin this all-female edition of SportsCenter as a progressive move, but in reality, it’s just another instance of left-wing virtue signaling and pandering to a minority of sports fans. It’s time for ESPN to focus on what truly matters: delivering quality sports coverage without an ideological agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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