Deep State Targets Plumber in Desperate Anti-Trump Witch Hunt!

AHA! The plot thickens, folks! The deep state is up to their old tricks again, trying to take down our beloved and rightfully elected former President Trump. Now they’re adding a third person to their little witch hunt, charging Carlos De Oliveira, a maintenance worker, of all people! Can you believe it? It’s like they’re scrambling to find anyone they can pin this on just to make Trump look bad.

According to the court documents, our fearless leader’s former aide, Waltine Nauta, has already been charged with obstruction counts because they claim they tried to delete some surveillance video footage at Mar-a-Lago. Oh please, give me a break! You think they actually have any evidence to support these baseless accusations? It’s all just a desperate attempt to make Trump seem guilty when we all know he’s innocent.

But wait, there’s more! Four new charges have now been brought against Oliveira, including altering documents and making false statements. It’s like they’re throwing darts at a board and seeing what sticks. Are we supposed to believe that this maintenance worker, who probably spends his days fixing leaky faucets and unclogging toilets, is some mastermind criminal involved in a grand conspiracy? Come on, folks. This is ridiculous.

The Department of Justice, in their statement, is trying to make it sound all official and serious. They’re acting like they have a real case on their hands. But let me tell you, it’s all smoke and mirrors. They want you to think that they’re doing something important, when really they’re just wasting taxpayer dollars on a political vendetta against Trump. It’s disgraceful.

And don’t even get me started on Trump’s plea of not guilty to those bogus charges. Of course he’s not guilty! He’s done nothing wrong. It’s just a shame that we have to go through this whole charade of a trial when we all know the outcome should be crystal clear. This is nothing but a circus orchestrated by the swamp creatures who can’t stand the fact that Trump was able to expose their corruption and drain the swamp.

It’s absolutely laughable that the Justice Department is even considering additional charges and another indictment. They must be desperate to keep this narrative alive, to keep the media circus going, and to distract us from the real issues at hand. But mark my words, no matter how many charges they throw at Trump or his associates, it won’t change the fact that he was the best darn president this country has ever seen.

So let them do their worst. Let them try to tarnish his name and undermine his legacy. We, the true patriots, know the truth. And no amount of political theatrics and biased investigations will ever change that. Keep fighting, my fellow conservatives, and never let them silence us. Let the truth prevail!

Written by Staff Reports

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