Biden’s Climate Crusade Hits the Brakes: Texas Wins Big in Court!

In a move that surely brought a smile to conservatives across America, a U.S. District Court recently handed the Biden administration a well-deserved setback on its climate change crusade. The court struck down a rule from the Department of Transportation (DOT) aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions on the nation’s highways. And boy, was it a victory for common sense and limited government!

The rule, proposed by the DOT’s Federal Highway Administration in December 2023, wanted to force states to keep tabs on and decrease carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles on U.S. highways. But thankfully, the Lone Star State of Texas stepped in to challenge this federal overreach. And guess what? They emerged victorious, with Judge James Wesley Hendrix – an appointee of the magnificent former President Trump – ruling against the intrusive rule.

It’s a cause for celebration, folks! Judge Hendrix made it crystal clear that unelected bureaucrats cannot just make up their own rules without Congress giving them the green light. He rightfully smacked down the Biden administration for its abuse of power and emphasized that the DOT cannot go around sticking its nose in environmental regulations where it doesn’t belong.

Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his pals tried to sell this rule as a way to battle climate change and give states the freedom to set their own emission targets. Texas and other states were having none of it. They rightly pointed out that reaching net zero emissions by 2050 is a fairy tale, and that this rule would throw a monkey wrench into their economies, especially with all the major ports and distribution centers in Texas.


Written by Staff Reports

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