Trump Trounces Biden: Hits Record Polling High and Woos Independents!

In the latest Fox News national survey, former President Donald Trump is stealing the show with his largest general election lead ever in their polling series! This means, in any of the three cycles in which Trump has run, he has never looked better.

According to the Fox News poll, Trump is ahead of incumbent President Joe Biden by a solid five percentage points in both the head-to-head matchup and the ‘crowded field’ scenario. This means Trump has hit an impressive 50 percent on this question, compared to Biden’s 45 percent. What’s more, Trump’s lead over Vice President Kamala Harris in a hypothetical battle is even larger, at a commanding six percentage points.

Independents are also jumping on the Trump train, with a whopping 51 percent favoring him over Biden’s 37 percent. This is a significant shift from the previous polls where Biden was way ahead. It appears that voters are feeling worse off financially than they were four years ago, and that includes majorities of white, black, and hispanic voters. Biden’s personal popularity is also taking a hit, with a lower favorability rating than Trump’s.

Meanwhile, other polls also show Trump in the lead over Biden, including the Daily Mail (with Trump ahead by 4 points) and Forbes (with Trump leading by 3 points). Even a Quinnipiac survey, which shows Biden leading Trump by three points nationally, reveals dreadful job approval ratings for the current president.

So, why the difference in these poll results? Well, the Fox poll has independents strongly supporting Trump, while the Quinnipiac poll shows Biden ahead with independents and dominating Trump among women. Looks like Trump’s got the edge with the independent voters, and that’s making all the difference.

In an interview with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, he indicated that he would be inclined to join Trump’s team as a potential running mate. It’s an exciting development, as Pompeo brings credibility, experience, preparedness, and reassuring stability to the ticket. It’s definitely something to keep an eye on as the election season heats up.


Written by Staff Reports

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