Biden’s Creepy Focus on Kids’ Ears Raises Alarms!

At a recent Thanksgiving celebration at a naval base in Norfolk, Virginia, President Joe Biden’s attention toward a six-year-old girl named Catherine raised more than a few eyebrows. Fixated on the child’s Mickey Mouse headwear, Biden couldn’t resist complimenting her ears, claiming he loves them and deeming them “really cool.” The interaction took a strange turn when Biden, seemingly oblivious to personal boundaries, leaned in close to the youngster.

But the oddities didn’t stop there. When Biden inaccurately guessed Catherine’s age as 17, she corrected him by stating her actual age. This rather unusual encounter is just one in a series of incidents where Biden has exhibited an unsettling interest in young children.

In a prior speech in 2021, while addressing military personnel, Biden made a perplexing comment about a family being honored, expressing admiration for a young girl’s barrettes and mistaking her for someone nearly twice her age. This incident was followed by another uncomfortable interaction with a young girl, during which he wove in some unsolicited advice about dating. His tendency to overstep boundaries with young children has become a recurring pattern, leading some to question his behavior around minors.

It appears that President Biden’s awkward and questionable interactions with children are becoming a cause for concern. His inappropriate behavior when engaging with young kids raises serious questions about his understanding of personal space and appropriateness. It remains to be seen whether these repeated incidents will lead to any meaningful reconsideration of his approach to interacting with children in public settings.

Written by Staff Reports

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