Biden’s Creepy Tactics Resurface: “I Love Your Ears” to Young Girl

In the wake of another cringe-inducing encounter, President Biden is facing renewed criticism over his behavior with young girls. At a recent event, the Democrat couldn’t resist making a bizarre comment to a young girl, declaring, “I love your ears,” in reference to her Mickey Mouse ears. Then, he proceeded to ask her age, mistakenly guessing she was 17 when she was actually six. This awkward interaction has reignited concerns about Mr. Biden’s inappropriate behavior around young girls.

Unsurprisingly, social media didn’t hold back in their assessment of the President’s behavior. Commentators were quick to label the exchange as yet another example of Mr. Biden’s cringeworthy conduct. Criticism ranged from calling him “beyond creepy” to urging someone to “keep this man away from children.” The sentiment on social media was clearly one of discomfort and unease regarding Mr. Biden’s behavior around young girls.

This latest incident has also sparked comparisons to previous episodes where Mr. Biden’s behavior was questionable. For instance, during a 2015 swearing-in ceremony, he was seen whispering and kissing the head of a 13-year-old girl. Additionally, there have been instances of him standing too close to young girls, kissing their heads, and making inappropriate comments about their appearance. These instances have led to widespread discomfort and concern, with many questioning his conduct and calling for him to be kept away from children.

Notably, in 2019, former Democratic congressional candidate Lucy Flores detailed an encounter where Mr. Biden touched her shoulders, smelled her hair, and planted a “big slow kiss” on the back of her head. She expressed her discomfort and resentment over Mr. Biden’s behavior, mentioning that she witnessed similar discomfort in other women. This consistent pattern of questionable conduct has raised serious concerns about Mr. Biden’s interactions with young girls and women.

Furthermore, a pro-Trump video titled “Creepy Joe Biden” was released in 2019, showcasing Mr. Biden’s close interactions with girls and women. The video aimed to highlight the discomfort and unease caused by Mr. Biden’s behavior.

In light of these recurrent incidents and the discomfort expressed by multiple individuals, it’s clear that there are genuine concerns about President Biden’s behavior around young girls. These ongoing issues raise important questions about Mr. Biden’s conduct and have sparked a debate about his appropriateness when interacting with children.

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