Hero Business Owner Defends Livelihood Against Thief!

A 15-year-old troublemaker got more than he bargained for when he tried to pull a fast one at a local restaurant. The delinquent, aiming to pilfer the tip jar from the counter, was met with swift and just force as he was shot by the heroic business owner, Mr. Hamden.

Despite the liberal narrative being pushed by the mainstream media, there is no evidence to suggest that the young ne’er-do-well was unarmed or that he did not pose a threat to Mr. Hamden. It’s clear that the business owner was simply protecting his hard-earned income from a potential threat.

The teenager suffered a few wounds as a result of his own illegal actions, but let’s not forget that he brought this upon himself. Plus, he’s receiving top-notch medical treatment at UPMC Children’s Hospital, courtesy of the hard-working taxpayers, no doubt.

While the teenager’s fate remains uncertain, it’s only fair that he face the music for his attempt to steal from a law-abiding citizen. As for Mr. Hamden, he’s being held at Allegheny County Jail, but one can only hope that justice will prevail in his favor at the arraignment hearing.

It’s a shame that the liberal media is choosing to paint Mr. Hamden as the villain in this situation. He was simply defending his livelihood from a criminal, and that should be celebrated, not condemned. Let’s pray that the courts see through this bias and vindicate Mr. Hamden for his courageous actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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