Biden’s Crew Begs Media for Mercy as Polls Sink

The crew running President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign are facing some rough waters as they try to steer their octogenarian leader towards a second term. The president’s image has taken a beating after his messy withdrawal from Afghanistan and the surge in gas prices. Add in the ongoing inflation, border crisis, and international conflicts, and it’s no wonder his approval ratings are tanking faster than a leaky dinghy.

In a bold move, Biden’s 2024 campaign is attempting to right the ship by cozying up to the liberal media and giving them a good scolding for their “unfair” coverage. They’ve organized off-the-record trips for top political reporters and editors to meet with senior officials and have even created spreadsheets detailing where they believe the media is falling short in their reporting. It’s like they’re trying to play teacher’s pet and bring an apple to the press.

The idea that the press is being too hard on Biden and going easy on Trump is about as believable as a unicorn riding a leprechaun. The Biden campaign’s attempt to scold reporters into better coverage is just another example of how the Democrats think the media should bow down and worship at their feet.


Written by Staff Reports

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