Biden’s Evasive Play on Hunter’s Congress Drop-In Raises Eyebrows!

The White House’s refusal to answer questions about Hunter Biden’s surprise visit to Congress has caused quite the stir. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged reporters’ questions, leaving Americans wondering if President Joe Biden was aware of his son’s unexpected appearance at the House Oversight Committee hearing. This isn’t the first time Jean-Pierre has had to tap dance around questions about the troubled first son, but she’s certainly getting a lot of practice.

Hunter Biden’s appearance at the congressional hearing left the press secretary scrambling to avoid answering tough questions from pesky reporters. Even Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy couldn’t resist taking a jab at Jean-Pierre, asking about the president’s involvement in his son’s shenanigans. The press secretary’s responses certainly didn’t provide any clarity, leaving Americans scratching their heads in confusion.

And the questions kept coming, with reporters probing about whether Hunter Biden had stayed at the White House the night before his surprise visit and whether Joe Biden had spoken to him before or after the incident. Jean-Pierre’s refusal to confirm or deny these details only added fuel to the fire, leaving many skeptical about the White House’s transparency regarding the president’s son.

As President Joe Biden gears up for his reelection campaign, he’ll undoubtedly want to avoid any distractions related to his son’s legal troubles. With Hunter Biden facing tax fraud charges in federal court and House Republicans advancing their impeachment inquiry into the Biden family’s foreign business dealings, the White House will certainly have its hands full trying to manage the fallout from the first son’s escapades.


Written by Staff Reports

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