Biden’s DEA Head Under Investigation For Multi-Million Dollar Corruption Scandal

The Biden administration is once again caught up in a corruption scandal, with the DEA’s head under investigation for allegedly giving no-bid contracts worth millions of dollars to previous colleagues. According to sources familiar with the matter, these contracts were given to at least one dozen individuals, which included some of the DEA Administrator Anne Milgram’s previous associates. The Office of Inspector General, which is part of the Justice Department, is conducting the investigation, and the allegations are not looking good.

The probe surrounds the issue of contracts for “strategic planning and communication” given to Milgram’s previous colleagues from her time at the New Jersey attorney general’s office and New York University, where she worked as a professor. These contracts were worth an astronomical $4.7 million which is well over the pay for government employees. The issue is now said to be under scrutiny by the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General to uncover whether there’s any wrongdoing at play.

Upon the revelation of the scandal, Scott Amey, general counsel of the nonpartisan Project on Government Oversight, expressed his concerns, saying that “some of these deals look very swampy.” He called out the Biden administration, stating that “contracts should never be awarded based on who you know.”

It becomes even more alarming as some of Milgram’s associates who were hired under these contracts were tasked to handle intelligence, data analytics, community outreach, and public relations. The situation looks even more suspicious when one of the contracts was given to Milgram’s state director when she was serving as New Jersey’s attorney general.

The DEA said that it was working towards cracking down on major national security threats, and while this seems to be the responsibility of the agency, it is undoubtedly alarming that they are doing so through no-bid contracts. The matter appears to be far from over as the DEA spokesperson has not yet responded to media outlets’ inquiries seeking comment on this issue. Corruption is unacceptable, and the American public deserves better from the governing administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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