The Nation Exposes Biden’s Failed Foreign Policies in Ukraine: A Wake-Up Call for Conservatives!

The Nation, a far-left publication, has finally published an article that most conservatives can agree with. The article takes aim at the failed foreign policies of the Biden administration, specifically in regards to Ukraine. Though Biden supporters may try to brush this off as pro-Putin propaganda, the article makes some excellent points about the disastrous state of America’s global engagement.

One critical point made by the article concerns America’s inability to keep up with Ukraine’s military needs. Despite producing over 12,000 155mm shells every day, Ukraine is capable of firing that many within just two days. This is an indication of how far America has fallen in terms of its military capacity, thanks to the forever wars that have consumed the nation and the economic fallout they’ve caused. The article states that the forever wars have killed America’s future, and it’s time for voters to stand up to the bipartisan war machine that has run amok for far too long.

The root of the problem, according to the article, is that America’s military is bloated, inefficient, and overpriced. It’s alarming that the war machine budget just for 2024 is $842 billion. Add the money for homeland security, the State Department, and the proposed budget for veterans’ benefits, and you reach a national security tab of over $1.3 trillion. This is a lot of money for a military that hasn’t won a serious war since 1945. And with America’s military present in 750 bases in 80 countries, it’s clear that something needs to change.

Fortunately, the article is not all doom and gloom. There are solutions to this problem, and it starts with putting an end to America’s interventionist foreign policy. The US needs to stop involving itself in the internal affairs of other countries and focus on its own citizens. None of America’s “enemies” pose a threat to Americans’ survival or well-being, and it’s time to start prioritizing America’s interests rather than pursuing ill-conceived global crusades.

It’s vital to note that the consequences of these forever wars will be felt here at home. The economic and human costs of these misguided interventions are staggering, with trillions of dollars wasted and thousands of American lives lost. The article rightly points out that the dogs of war may be unleashed “over there,” but they will feed here at home and devour our future.

In conclusion, America’s misguided foreign policy has led to a disastrous state of affairs that has cost the nation dearly. It’s time to stand up to the bipartisan war machine that has run amok for far too long, and start prioritizing America’s interests. The article in The Nation might not be what Biden supporters want to hear, but it’s a wake-up call that all Americans need to heed.

Written by Staff Reports

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