Hacker Targets Conservative Speaker Matt Walsh, Left Cheers On Cyber Crime

Conservative commentator and speaker, Matt Walsh, was recently victimized by a hacker who broke into his phone and stole personal information in an attempt to embarrass him. The unidentified hacker, along with some inside help, was able to access his social media, texts, and emails. Shortly after, the hacker used Walsh’s Twitter account to make provocative and humiliating tweets. Of course, this led to the left and their media puppets to cheer on these felonies committed against Walsh and his family. Journalists eagerly solicited stolen information from his phone to use for their own political gain, and the rest of the far-left crowd showed joy for his distress. Whether it’s stealing and using stolen private information or thwarting a conservative speaker’s event, there seems to be no moral line the left will not cross.

During his speech at the University of Iowa hosted by Young America’s Foundation, Walsh addressed his supporters, stating that he is aware of the severity of the crime and that there will be consequences for the hacker as well as any journalist who solicited stolen information from his phone. As Walsh stated, “I hope you can afford more expensive lawyers than I can. Lawyer up.”

This criminal behavior is unacceptable; conservatives should not be silenced, threatened, or have their personal lives invaded because of their political views. Unfortunately, this is becoming an all too common theme for conservative commentators and speakers, including Walsh, who has recently been facing a series of threats to himself and his family after unveiling his documentary “What Is A Woman?” about the transgender movement. As such, conservatives are calling for better cybersecurity as these threats and similar attacks increase in frequency.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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