Biden’s Debate Blunder Leaves Democrats in Disarray Calls for Him to Drop Out Grow

After President Biden’s recent debate debacle, the Democratic Party is in a tailspin as internal chaos runs rampant. Despite his lackluster performance, the 81-year-old Biden managed to cling to his position as the presumed nominee following a push from his fellow establishment cronies, including the infamous “Squad.”

However, not all Democrats are onboard with Biden. Recent polling in crucial swing states shows Biden trailing, with a considerable portion of Democrat voters even calling for him to drop out of the race altogether. The party’s lawmakers convened at the DNC headquarters to discuss their options, with tensions running high and leaks to the media painting a picture of a party in disarray. 


Vice President Kamala Harris’s name was repeatedly floated as a potential replacement for Biden, with a notable number of lawmakers expressing a preference for her over the current nominee. Reports from inside the meeting described an atmosphere of gloom and dissatisfaction regarding Biden’s candidacy, with some members openly questioning his ability to defeat Trump.

The lack of consensus on Biden’s position within the party was made evident as lawmakers lamented their predicament, with some even warning that nominating Harris would be setting her up for failure. With House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer standing by Biden, it remains uncertain whether the party will be able to rally behind a new contender given the logistical and strategic challenges involved.

As the Democrats grapple with their internal strife, one thing is clear: the specter of Biden’s faltering candidacy looms large, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the party’s chances in the upcoming election. The road ahead for the Democrats seems fraught with obstacles, leaving many to wonder if they will ultimately be forced to stick with a candidate who appears increasingly ill-equipped to lead them to victory.

Written by Staff Reports

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