Biden’s Decline Ignored as Democrats Push Radical Agenda Forward

President Biden’s mental decline has been evident to all but the mainstream media for quite some time now. The recent frenzy surrounding calls for his resignation or replacement is just a continuation of the charade that has been his presidency. It’s no secret that Biden has been nothing more than a figurehead, a puppet for the real decision-makers behind the scenes.

The looming question of who will replace Biden is causing a stir, but let’s not kid ourselves – the Democrats are not looking for a leader with integrity or competence. They are simply searching for a more polished frontman to push their radical agenda forward. It’s not about improving the country or addressing the pressing issues at hand; it’s about maintaining power and control.

The disastrous policies of the Biden administration cannot solely be blamed on his cognitive decline. The real problem lies in the progressive agenda that the Democrats are relentlessly pushing. From open borders to reckless spending, the Democrats are driving the country towards socialism at breakneck speed, with or without Biden at the helm.

The power struggle within the Democratic party, between the old guard and the new radicals like the Squad, highlights the deeper rift in their agenda. While the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer cling to their long-held power, the younger, more radical members are eager to push their socialist ideology onto the American people.

In the end, whether Biden stays or goes is merely a superficial issue. The real concern is the detrimental impact of the leftist agenda on the nation. As conservatives, we must remain vigilant and continue to push back against the dangerous policies that threaten our freedoms and way of life.

Written by Staff Reports

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