Biden Refuses to Quit Despite Chaotic Debate Democrats Rally Behind Embattled President

President Joe Biden is not backing down after a disastrous debate performance that left Democrats in a frenzy. Reports from the Associated Press reveal that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris sought to reassure their campaign staff during a call, emphasizing their commitment to the presidential race despite mounting concerns.

The phone call was described as a “pep talk,” with Biden reiterating his resilience and determination to win the election. Amidst widespread criticism of his debate showing, where he appeared confused and struggled to articulate coherent points, Biden made it clear that he is in the race until the end.

Following the debate, internal polling from Biden’s Super PAC leaked, showing a concerning trend of Trump gaining ground in crucial swing states and even challenging Biden in traditionally Democratic strongholds like Minnesota. This data has only fueled the anxiety within the Democratic camp.

Despite calls from some Democrats for Biden to step aside, there has been a show of solidarity from party members like former President Barack Obama and California Governor Gavin Newsom. Newsom notably left his state amidst a wildfire crisis to express support for Biden, underscoring the party’s rallying behind the embattled president.

As Biden faces mounting challenges and slipping poll numbers, his campaign is doubling down on their efforts to project strength and unity within the party. The road ahead remains uncertain, with Democrats grappling with the fallout from a debate performance that raised serious doubts about Biden’s ability to lead. 


Written by Staff Reports

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