Biden Overrules Courts Again Student Loan Forgiveness Resumes After 10th Circuit Decision

Here we go again. The Biden administration is once more running roughshod over judicial authority, now with a fresh boost from the 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. This court lifted the temporary injunctions on Biden’s Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) plan, clearing the way for yet another round of student loan forgiveness. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, especially if you measure success by how many court orders you can sidestep.

Let’s not forget, Biden has been on a spending spree despite the judicial roadblocks. Federal judges in Massachusetts and Kansas hit the brakes on the SAVE plan, but Biden found ways to keep the cash flowing. In September, U.S. District Judges John A. Ross in Missouri and Daniel D. Crabtree in Kansas both blocked portions of the SAVE plan. But now, the 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has decided to play ball with Biden’s agenda, allowing the administration to march forward.

What’s astounding is that even when faced with these injunctions, the Biden administration continued to promise and deliver on student loan forgiveness. Over three million borrowers were conveniently placed in a “payment pause,” a magical solution that somehow bypasses court orders. This maneuver means no payments are required and no interest accrues, a convenient delay tactic until the legal haze clears—or public attention shifts.

In the realm of Beltway absurdity, Biden’s administration has turned defiance into an art form. Ignoring the Supreme Court seems to be his forte, and he’s poured billions into student loan forgiveness schemes despite clear rulings against such moves. Why bother with Congress or constitutional limits when you can just keep forging ahead?

So, while the ink dries on this latest court ruling, make no mistake: for Team Biden, this isn’t a win; it’s business as usual. The administration’s track record makes it hard to see this as anything other than another routine dissing of judicial authority. The SAVE plan trudges on, and the bill for taxpayers continues to climb.

Written by Staff Reports

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