Maryland Gov Wes Moore Joins Biden and Key Democrats at White House Summit

Governor Wes Moore of Maryland will be gracing President Joe Biden with his presence at a cozy little gathering at the White House with a handful of Democratic governors. The Maryland aide spilled the beans about Moore’s attendance, which will include the usual suspects: Andy Beshear from Kentucky, Maura Healey from Massachusetts, Daniel McKee from Rhode Island, Gavin “Hair Gel” Newsom from California, J.B. Pritzker from Illinois, and the ambitious Gretchen Whitmer from Michigan.

Roy Cooper from North Carolina and Phil Murphy from New Jersey, fearing maybe bumpy flights or just too comfy in their states, have opted to join the circus virtually. The meeting, expected to kick off at 6:30 p.m. EDT, is another attempt by Biden to reassure his party about his, shall we say, well-aged capabilities following that less-than-stellar performance in the first 2024 debate.

In a desperate bid to hold on to the reins of his faltering campaign, Biden has been burning up the phone lines trying to convince senior Dems that he’s still got it. As of Wednesday, he’s already pleaded his case to the likes of Chuck Schumer, Hakeem Jeffries, Chris Coons, and Jim Clyburn, with more calls on the docket throughout the Fourth of July.

Wes Moore, aged 45 and barely through the early stages of his first term as Maryland’s governor, is being painted as the new golden child of the Democratic Party. His stepping into the limelight was fast-tracked following a bridge collapse in Baltimore earlier this year. Moore has made it his mission to sing Biden’s praises far and wide, including a recent Wisconsin tour.

In a weekend CBS interview, Moore made it clear he won’t be throwing his hat into the 2024 ring and stands firmly in Biden’s corner. He raved about Biden being the leader they’re sticking with, claiming Biden has earned their respect and partnership. Moore’s closing note? He would be in Chicago, cheering Biden on from the sidelines, ensuring the president’s re-election bid is bolstered.

Oh, the loyalty! Get ready, folks, it’s shaping up to be a real political soap opera with Biden and his band of blue-state governors.

Written by Staff Reports

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